Telangana film producers to battle it out for prez post in TFPC

 An interesting battle is on the cards in the elections to the Telugu Film Producers Council (TFPC) as two Telangana film producers will be pitted against each other for holding the reigns of the body for the period 2013-15. The elections will be held on August 25 and results announced the same evening.

The move to field as candidate from the Telangana region is strategic for the two panels of producers who are vying for the control of the body. 

Film personalities from the Telangana region could hardly make their presence felt in the film industry's various bodies in the past. However, the latest development of two producers from the region pitted against each other for the president's post has made the election an interesting battle. 

Noted film producer V Venkataramana Reddy, more popularly known as Dil Raju is trying to ward off competition from P Rammohan Rao. While Dil Raju hails from Nizamabad, Rammohan Rao is from Karimnagar district. 

Though there are more than 2000 film producers, only 1070 eligible producers will be able to cast their votes to elect other office-bearers including one president, two vice-presidents, two secretaries, two joint secretaries, one treasurer and 15 executive committee members. 

Though Tuesday is the last date for withdrawal of nominations, the two panels contesting the polls have already started their campaign holding meetings in star hotels. While Dil Raju has been fielded for the post of president by the C Kalyan panel, P Rammohan Rao is said to be being backed by the Dasari Narayana Rao panel.

while the C Kalyan panel is trying to impress upon its voters that it will take all measures to bring pressure upon the government to look into its issues, the opposing panel is highlighting how Dil Raju has kept theatres in his grip affecting the interests of small producers.

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